As the Internet and World Wide Web continue to disrupt traditional business models for the distribution of content, a number of publications regularly purchased or acquired by Tauranga City Libraries have undergone a transformation. Their content is now only available at a Website, often one for which a subscription, or sometimes a one-off purchase, is necessary for access. The publications haven't technically ceased, just changed their form.
Regularly purchased items can also be referred to in Library-speak as continuations, annuals or standing orders.

At time of writing Tauranga City Libraries (March 2013) is still likely to have hard copies of some of these titles, with a catalogue record describing them and their location in the Library. We may also have a subscription to an online version, and the catalogue record will therefore contain a link to the Web version. This will not necessarily be able to provide access to its content, depending on the payment model the publisher has adopted.

As of 2017 we have started adding some traditional serials - more than one issue per year - particularly when the ceasing of publication has led us to withdraw all our stock. As a result they no longer have a Dewey location.

REF 079.93 MEDI Media directory / Nielsen Media Directory
March 2017 seems to be the last hard copy edition of this title. When it was due for renewal by the Library in October 2017 a 6- or 12-month subscription to an online version of the product was offered. I chose to order it for 6 months in order to test demand and its usability. Staff were notified on 1/12/2017 of the log-in and link, and the restrictions on distribution (direct use by customers in a library not a good idea) imposed by the seller.

REF 070.5 AUST Australian Publishers Association Members' Directory
As at May 2017 this was searchable at this location on their Website.

NZ REF 310 NEW or 319 NEW New Zealand official yearbook
This is slightly different - volumes are no longer published. We have a full set in NZ REF under 310 NEW, and some more recent volumes at the branches under 319 NEW. All published yearbooks are available as very long, but keyword searchable, html pages as part of the Statistics New Zealand Website. A new Yearbook has been added to the Digitised Yearbook Collection for 2012.

NZ REF 338.02 ACOU A'Court's business handbook : products, brands and companies
2014 volume is our last - they are now at, where "People are searching & finding over 59,000 brands in over 45,000 product categories on a’Courts every day."

REF 354.93 NEW The New Zealand Government Directory
Last hardcopy edition 2011. 2012 edition onwards, web based - . There is a subscription fee to access this directory.

REF 387.2025 LLO Lloyd's maritime directory
The Library still has a copy of the 2010 directory (as at July 2013) but the huge range of content that used to be put out in book form in that and other directories is now available via a subscription to the Lloyd's List Intelligence website.

REF 615.11 NEW New Zealand Pharmaceutical Schedule
Tauranga's catalogue record for this title includes a link to a searchable version of the Pharmaceutical Schedule online. The record was originally for the printed Schedule publications, but these have stopped arriving as at July 2013. PDFs of the latest version of the book, and of updates since the last full PDF, are available from this page of Pharmac's Website.There is also another link to the Schedule online (a searchable database).

REF 629.222029 DOG Dog and lemon guide
Last published in book form in 2010. We have lending and reference copies still in the collection as at July 2013, but the report material on second-hand cars they contain are now only available as reports that can be purchased from the Website.Multiple reports can be purchased at a discount.

REF 629.25 AUT Technical data for older cars 1975-91
We have several hard copies of titles published by Autodata - this is the oldest, and with the furthest reach back in time (my first car was a 1975 Hillman Avenger). Local access to Autodata information is now (November 2016) via , which says
"Autodata Australia Limited is a leading publisher and supplier of technical information for automotive professionals, through electronic media". That is, they don't publish books anymore, you have become a member or buy monthly access, in Australian dollars.

REF 692.5 RAWL Rawlinsons New Zealand Construction Handbook
The latest copy of this held by the library is the 2013/14 edition. Rawlinsons is ceasing publication of the Rawlinsons New Zealand Construction Handbook after this, the 28th edition. QV have purchased the Rawlinsons New Zealand Construction Handbook and are currently creating an online portal.
This was launched as QVCostbuilder at their new, online location in mid-2015. Tauranga City Libraries has a subscription to the service which allows one-off use across the desk. Council staff can also get access via Library staff.

REF 745.1 CAR Carter's price guide to antiques in Australasia
At time of writing the Library still had a Reference copy of the last edition in 2010, and some lending copies of 2010 and 2009 editions. Updated information is now only available through:
Carter's Price Guides to Antiques and Collectables
The database can be searched for particular types of item - there is a search box on the Home Page - and will even describe the examples they have in their database. Without a subscription the Full details page will include a button saying: Subscribe Now to view price range.

REF 919.3 KERR The New Zealand Camping Guide
Our main book supplier informed us in October 2016 that the 23rd edition of the North Island / South Island pair, published the previous year, will be the last print edition.
We were referred to a new Website, which seems to contain at least the same information as the published guide, and allows users to download Apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The Website is enhanced with video content, links to map applications and a detailed page on each site.

UNESCO Courier
As at August 2017. This hasn't been published as a hard copy for some time, but a complete archive (from 1948) is linked to from the journal's pages on the UNESCO website.