The Big Freeze (Space Scout series) by H. Badger BADG

Pirate Gold (I, Hero series) by Steve Barlow BARL

Super-Villain Smackdown (Batman You Choose series) by John Sazaklis BATM

Open Fire (Battle Boy series) by Charlie Carter CART

How to Be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell COWE

The Jimmy Coates series by Joe Craig CRAI

Captain Cal: and the Grots (Captain Cal series) by Jan Dallimore DALL

Snake Escape (Mission Fox series) by Justin D’Ath DATH

The Dennis the Menace series DENN

The Tooth by Des Hunt HUNT

The On The Run series by Gordon Korman KORM

The Secret agent Jack Stalwart series by Elizabeth Singer Hunt HUNT

Death Diamond (Dragon blood pirates) by Dan Jerris JERR

Attack of the robots (LEGO Exo-Force series) LEGO

Kart Crash (Jake Maddox Sports Story) by Jake Maddox MADD

Enemy fire (Danger Zone series) by Anthony Masters MAST

The haunted house (Choose your own adventure junior series) by RA Montgomery MONT

Grovyle Trouble (Pokemon Battle Frontier series) POKE

Cola Power (Axel Storm series) by Shoo Rayner RAYN

Thunder Raker (Agent Alfie series) by Justin Richards RICH

Claude in the city (Claude series) by Alex T Smith SMIT

Independence Hall (IQ series) by Roland Smith SMIT

Captured (Star Wars: The Clone Wars series) STAR

Lost treasure of the Emerald Eye (Geronimo Stilton series) by Geronimo Stilton STIL

Clash of the Monster Crocs (Monster Cove series) by Rex Stone STON

Superman: Last son of Krypton (Super Heroes Series) SUPE

Attack of the mutant meteors (Twisted Journeys series) TWIS

The S.T.O.R.M series by E. L. Young YOUN

Supersonic (Max Flash missions) by Jonny Zucker ZUCK


Guinness world records 001 GUI

How to do everything by John Woodward 032 WOO

Deadly peril and how to avoid it by Tracey Turner 032.02 TUR

Secrets, lies, gizmos & spies by Janet Coleman 327.12 COL

Special Forces by Jim Brush 356.16 BRU

The master detective’s handbook by Janice Kilby 363.25 KIL

Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab 507.8 HAM

The gadget book: and how really cool stuff works by Chris Woodford 608 WOO

Cool stuff 2.0 and how it works by Chris Woodford 608 WOO

Submarines up close by Andra Abramson 623.8205 ABR

Robot technology by Ian Graham 629.892 GRA

Codes and Ciphers by Adrian Gilbert 652.8 GIL

Gadgets by Steve Parker 683.8 PAR

The boy’s handbook 790.1 BOY

How to eat a huhu grub by Nick Turzynski 790.1 TUR

The dangerous book for boys by Conn Iggulden 790.194 IGG

Star Wars: Character Encyclopaedia 791.43 STA

Space Rescue by Graham White 793.738 WHI

What you need to know now 909 WHA

Pirateology 910.45 PIR

Explorer by Marie Greenwood 910.9 GRE

How to be a knight by Dugald Steer 940.1 STE