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398.2 STO Stories of Tauranga Moana Stokes, Evelyn (comp)

Finding information about Iwi / Hapu within the Tauranga area on the Tauranga City Council site
Results from Insider can be given to the public

1. Insider
Corporate Info left side of screen
→Tangata Whenua (Two alternatives will appear)
Iwi and Hapu
Iwi and Hapu Protocols

2. Insider
Hover over Corporate Systems
→Click on >Smartzoom (to locate property)
>Click on tab Legend in the tool bar
Small screen opens; on the right – use the scroll bar to move down >click in the boxes to the left of
> Ngiteringi
>Te Arawa
>Click on tab ►Search in the tool bar
Drop down box - change Find Address to Find Street
A. Type street name, Matapihi
>Click on the word NEW at bottom right of the street screen (you may have to enlarge the screen to see the word at the bottom of the screen
B. In the tool bar, >click on the hand symbol to move the map image
C. To get a closer look, in tool bar >click on tab + sign, then holding down the mouse button on the map, draw a square, and release the button, the area within the square will be enlarged
D. More details: in tool bar >click on tab circled ( i ) [information]
E. Click in an area on the map for name of Iwi/Hapu
Online options available to the public
1) Tauranga City Council home page
→About Tauranga City left side of screen
► Tangata Whenua
The next screen
Iwi / Hapu / Marae
Tangata Whenua Collective
Kaumatua Forum
Contact Details

2) Library
Go to Left side of screen:
Local History

Tauranga Memories - - stories of Tauranga Moana, Tauranga Whenua
Tauranga Memories - - other related information can be found by searching on the Tauranga Memories homepage e.g. Takitimu
Tauranga Moana Trust Board - - - really useful for those FAQs on Tauranga Moana/Local iwi
Tauranga Moana Trust Board - - history