The following book lists have been put together by the children and teenagers librarian's at Tauranga City Libraries.

Action and Adventure for children

Animal Stories for children and teenagers Animal stories are those in which the main character is an animal or a person closely associated with animals. Horse stories can be found on a separate list.
Award Winning Children's Novels

CHERUB Readalikes for teens CHERUB is an adventure series for teens by Robert Muchamore about a British organization that recruits kids from 10- 17 years old. Quite often teens love the series and are looking for similar books to read next which prompted the creation of this list.

Death and Dying: Books for children and teenagers Death and dying can be a difficult subject for children. Book's are just one tool that can be used throughout this process. This selection of books cover topics that can help children cope and understand during this tough time.

First Chapter Books for children It's quite exciting when children are ready to move on from books in the black spot collection. There are many fantastic titles that are a good place to begin for children journeying into full chapter books.
Funny Books for children and teenagers Humour can be one of the best ways to encourage children into reading. There are many hilarious books that appeal to both children and teenagers (as well as their parents). Whether they just want a change from adventure and fantasy books or books dealing with serious issues, or if humour is the only thing that appeals, than these books will be sure to have them laughing out loud.

Futuristic Novels for teens Futuristic novels offer us a version of what life could be like in the future based on choices made today. They often tackle big issues and can be utopian (everything is perfect; idealistic), but are more likely to be dystopian (everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded place).

G.L.B.T.Q. Books for teens Modern literature delves into all issues affecting teens today. G.L.B.T.Q. literature explores the challenges facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

Historical Fiction for children and teenagers Historical fiction is a sub-genre of fiction that often portrays fictional accounts or dramatization of historical figures or events. Writers of stories in this genre, while penning fiction, nominally attempt to capture the spirit, manners, and social conditions of the persons or time(s) presented in the story, with due attention paid to period detail and fidelity.

Horse Stories for children and teenagers There is a wonderful selection of fiction books available for horse mad readers! In the non-fiction area there are also books about breeds of horses, riding and looking after horses, as well as equestrian sports.

Lift-the-Flap Books for children Lift-the-flap books inspire little children's curiosity. They are wonderfully tactile and physically involve the children right into the book, placing them in control of their reading experience and heightening their sense of surprise and delight.

Matariki Books for children Matariki is the Maori name for the Pleiades star cluster. The first rising of Matariki occurs just prior to sunrise in late May or early June, and this indicates that the old year has ended and the new year has begun. The actual time for celebrating Matariki varies, depending on the iwi (tribe). In traditional times, Matariki was the season to celebrate and prepare the ground for the coming year. This time of the year was also a good time to instruct young people in the lore of the land and forest.

Read Alouds for children and teenagers There are certain types of books that make wonderful read alouds for children and teens. These can be incredibly useful for parents reading to their children, teacher's reading to classes and librarians reading aloud during class visits to the library.

Scary Stories for children Some children just love to be scared! Scary stories can include urban legends, ghost stories, funny scary stories and anything else that will send a shiver down the spine. Best read under the covers with a torch!

Waldorf Reading Guide Tauranga is lucky enough to have a Waldorf School based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). This selection of books is designed to provide titles that are appropriate for independent reading for children from Class 3 (Year 4) to Class 7 (Year 8). These lists are only a rough guide as within each class there will be a wide range of reading skills and abilities.