This list contains biographies relating to Tauranga:

Chang (Pih-Chang), Dr Kathleen (1903-1991)
Christiansen, Tony
Dodd, Lynley (1941- )
Drayton, Mary Josephine (Joy)
Goldsmith, Alec (1911- )
Greer, Henry Harpur (1821-1886)
Holt, Shaun
Mair, Gilbert (1843-1923)
Mahoney, James
Marshall, Henry Walter 1925-2012
Mayson, Jon - Port of Tauranga
Macfarlane, Dave
Meikle, Phoebe (1910-1997)
Munn, Linda
Puhirake, Rawiri
Spencer, Charles
Taratoa, Henare Wiremu (1830-1864)
West, Joyce (1908-1985)
Winiata, Maharaia (1912-1960)

This list contains biographies of well-known New Zealanders:
Apiata, Willie (1972- ) Victoria Cross
Beckett, Samuel (1906-1989)
Dallas, Ruth (1919-2008)
Hillary, Sir Edmund (1919-2008)
McCahon, Colin (1919-1987)
Mulgan, John
Snell, Peter

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